Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 Wish List

Here's my tech wish list for 2015
  • Parental controls on the youtube iPad app (and better parental controls in general on youtube content on the web)
  • Multi-user login on iOS (specifically on iPads)
  • Sony RX100 IV with a longer zoom (I love the 24mm wide angle but would love the range to go back to 100mm)
  • Native Outlook synch with iCloud and Google contacts and calendar
  • Google chromecast 2 with a remote control (to stop and pause) --- similar to the Amazon fire TV stick remote control
  • Digital photo frames that are Android based
  • Hybrid Touchscreen Macbook (with a mode that converts to an iOS screen --- similar to how the Microsoft Surface Pro can switch from the windows 8 Metro screen to the classic windows Desktop screen)
  • iPhone mini
  • Blackberry Classic on Verizon (and one that can also run most of the popular Android apps like Uber, Instagram and Google Maps)
  • Apple watch that's not tied to an iPhone

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