Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great blogging seminar! Thank you David Hobby (Strobist)!

It took me a few days to digest what David Hobby (Strobist) shared at the blogging and social media seminar last Monday.  I went to the event mostly to support Jessie Newburn who is my partner at Hocoblogs and to support David for who he is in the community and how he supports some of us on a personal basis (he has supported the foundation I work with over in the Philippines --- Tapulanga Foundation).  I commend Jessie for putting this event together and all the work she does in promoting (and supporting) the blogging community in Howard County.  Her commitment and passion is unparalleled and Hocoblogs is what it is today because of her.

For those of you who have never read David's blog (and I don't blame you if you don't as its target market are photographers so my Mom is not likely to read David's blog), he is simply an excellent writer.  He has a great writing style in that he can explain technical stuff (about his flash photography techniques) in a way that is understandable to most of us.  And he's funny and witty and not afraid to say what's on his mind.  In fact the 3 take aways he shared to the group included "Sing like you're in the shower", which he meant for us to just write what's on our minds and not be afraid of what others might think ... don't hold back.

The other 2 take aways were "Have a Destination" and "Build an Ecosytem".  The ecosystem part was very interesting to me as a business-person because David has truly built a way to give and take from the community at large.  He does a lot of probono (or deeply discounted) work for many non-profit organizations.  He does this because he truly wants to help these non-profits in their mission, and because the photography work that he does is so good, people who see his work (including some on the boards of these non-profits) eventually seek him out for commercial work, so it all flows back to his ecosystem somehow.  If you have an account at, look for David's lessons on photography where he has a video course titled "Insights on Building a Photography Business" and the final chapter is about David's business ecosystem.

It was truly a great event ... and if you haven't seen David's photography work, you should check it out at ... see photography genius.

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Jessie said...

Thanks, Robin ... for coming to the workshop, for your kind words and for being not only the behind-the-scenes guy at hocoblogs that makes all the tech work, but also for being my cheerleader these many years. I'm glad the workshop provided great insight and new energy for you. We're lucky to have David in our community and I, for one, am grateful for all he shared at the blogging and social media intensive.