Friday, June 14, 2013

Warning: Adobe Flash Player Installer is a Malware Trap

I've been seeing this go around a lot the last few weeks.  The screenshots below shows a variation of this flash player installer.

And here's another variation (notice it doesn't say Flash Player):

The reason why this is an easy trap to fall into is we are all used to getting adobe flash updates on a regular basis.  Flash, Adobe Reader and Java updates have become so common in our weekly routines that sometimes we can easily assume they're safe.  So how can you tell they're not safe?  The URL to the update will usually indicate if it's a valid file.  For the one above, the URL actually points to some obscure address (see Address URL in pic below).

Unfortunately it's not that straightforward to even check the URL of the download or install link, so my advice is to go to the adobe site directly and download the latest flash player there if you really want to do an update.  Here's the link ---

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