Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 Wish List

My 2013 tech wish list:
  • Facetime talks to Skype
  • More native mobile OS hooks for mobile web apps
  • Solid state drives become even more affordable (closer to $100 for 256 GB drives)
  • Microsoft natively brings back the Start Menu on Windows 8
  • User accounts for iOS (specifically on the iPad)
  • Touchscreen Macbook Air (with flip screen)
  • Larger sensor super zoom camera (in the order of 30x or more) that is still small and portable
  • iPhone 5s/6 (better flash, zoom in video mode)
  • iPhone back plate in rubber or some hard plastic shell so we won't need a case anymore
  • Capable mobile web browser for the Blackberry (this is probably coming in BB10)
  • Time Machine-like backup for Windows
Happy New Year!

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