Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodbye Classic Macbook

Apple quietly retired the Classic (white) Macbook yesterday  as it announced upgrades to the Macbook Air and an updated, faster (and lower priced) Mac Mini. 

The Classic Macbook was a favorite among students and teachers and was also my favorite among all the Mac laptop models partly because of its playful look and feel vs. the silver business like feel of the Macbook Pro. 

I also liked the $999 price tag which is still available if you choose the 11-inch Macbook Air.  My only concern with the entry level Macbook Air is the 64GB drive.  It's a solid state flash drive so it's very fast (almost twice as fast) and will never crash like a regular hard drive but it won't take me long to fill up that 64GB drive. 

I take it Apple is probably selling this as a secondary laptop, one for taking on the road and not use as your main computer for your photos, music and videos.  Or they expect us to use an external hard drive?  or store most of our photos, music and videos on the cloud?

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