Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gmail Accounts Attacked

There's been a recent spate of Gmail Accounts being attacked and Google sent out a notice today about the attacks affecting some accounts of senior US officials. Most of the attacks are carried out through phishing (responses to e-mails from malicious hackers posing as trusted sources).

Google also released some tips on how to keep your account safe and avoid these phishing attacks and they encourage everyone to
spend ten minutes today taking steps to improve your online security so that you can experience all that the Internet offers—while also protecting your data.

If you're on gmail, or any other 3rd party email site (including Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc..) take the time to do this because it is not pleasant when your account gets compromised. The typical scenario is the attacker will login to your account and send out an email containing a malicious link to EVERYONE in your addressbook. Not pleasant at all. So 10 minutes ... that's all it takes and you'll be safer online (as well as everyone in your addressbook).

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