Friday, December 10, 2010

Apple lists top iPhone and iPad apps

Apple just released the top apps for the year.

iPad (Free non-news apps)
Apple's iBooks
Pandora Internet music
Google's Mobile App
Flixster's movie directory
Amazon's IMDB movie-and-TV credits and sypnosis charts
Amazon's Kindle app
Google Earth
Virtuoso Piano, a virtual piano.

iPad (Free news apps)
Fluent News Reader
New York Times
Wall Street Journal

iPad (Paid)
Apple's Pages for word processing,
GoodReader, Apple's Numbers for spreadsheets
Angry Birds game
Apple's Keynote for presentations
Glee Karaoke for singing along with the hits
Wolfram Alpha reference
Pinball HD
Friendly Plus for Facebook
Star Walk astronomy guide

iPhone (Free)
Angry Birds Lite
Words with Friends
Tap Tap Revenge
the Weather Channel
Paper Toss
Rock Band
Talking Tom Cat

iPhone (Paid)
Angry Birds
Doodle Jump
Bejeweled 2
Fruit Ninja
Cut the Rope
Gamebox 1
The Moron Test
Plants vs. Zombies
Pocket God

Notice that all the top iPhone apps are games. Angry Birds is popular all-around with both the iPhone and iPad. And of course Facebook (the official app on the iPhone and the unofficial app Friendly Plus on the iPad) is also popular on both platforms.

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