Sunday, November 28, 2010

HocoBlogs party on the 30th at Pure Wine Cafe!

Howard County bloggers and readers, please join us at the HocoBlogs party on the 30th (Tuesday) at Pure Wine Cafe in historic Ellicott City. Matt Kircher of the Vino Trip blog is co-hosting along with Jessie Newburn.



jessiex said...

Yes! I'm so happy to see this, Robin. It looks like the local tag -- hocoblogs@@@ -- does, indeed, work. Great job. So, I'm trusting I'm good to tell others now that all they have to do is add the tag anywhere in a post: headline, body, beginning, end. It doesn't matter, right? All they need to do is be registered on hocoblogs, and if their blog is in a category other than "community," this tag will automatically put their hyper-local post in the community section.

Robin said...

Thanks Jessie. Yes, the local tag "hocoblogs@@@" now works. They can put it anywhere in their blog (title or anywhere in the body).