Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Using the iPad for special needs kids

This one touches my heart. A few years ago our oldest daughter Maggie who was born with a genetic condition that limits her ability to speak needed an alternative communication device. Although we belong to a well-funded school system, we still had to go through some challenges for her to avail of a device. When we inquired about purchasing it on our own we were surprised that it was so expensive (about $6000). I realized then that it was purely an economies of scale issue and hoped that sooner or later when tablet computing devices hit the mainstream the prices of similar devices will drop significantly. When I saw the iPad when it first came out, I immediately saw that this was one such device and the possibilities for these devices in terms of software would usher in a new wave of innovation that could really benefit kids like Maggie.

Using the iPad to Connect (Parents, Therapists use Apple Tablet to Communicate with Special Needs Kids

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