Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Wish List

My wish list for 2009.

- $500 Mac laptop
- Windows 7 is released on time (late 2009)
- Quad-core laptops from Dell
- Nikon releases an SLR to improve upon the D90 that allows zooming and focusing while taking videos
- Rhapsody on my Blackberry
- Touchscreen iMac/Macbook
- Carbonite releases feature to back up external drives
- Facebook merges with Linked-In so we only have to maintain 1 social network account
- Blackberry/iPhone synch for Akubo
- Wii 2
- VZAccess Manager official release for Linux with support for using my Blackberry as a modem

1 comment:

JessieX said...

I want a $500 Mac laptop, too. I'll be right in line behind you. ;-)