Monday, December 01, 2008

AVG Online Backup powered by Carbonite

AVG, the popular free antivirus product is now offering online backups. AVG's backup system is powered by Carbonite. I've been seeing Carbonite in various installations and my overall impression of it is good. Online backups are worry-free and very easy to use. They're not the fastest in terms of data recovery, but at $50/year it's cheap and worth it. I still recommend an external backup drive for quick recovery, but if you want something completely automatic and never want to worry about filling up your external drive, sign-up for online backup.

AVG's online backup is free for the first 2 Gigs, after that it's $50/year for unlimited space.


Ruby Badcoe said...

Only $50/year for unlimited space to backup all your data? That’s awesome! I think this is a good deal, especially for business people who have large amounts of data in their computer and external hard drive. Well, I hope they will develop this system to make it faster in terms of data recovery, because that’s one of the features that most people are looking for in a cloud-based storage solution.

Benita Bolland said...

Well, there are other online backup services that you can avail for free. On the other hand, if you operate a business that really needs an efficient data storage solution, I would recommend you to utilize services like this one. The money you’ll spend on it is worth it because it has features and options that are more comprehensive than that of a free service.