Saturday, December 08, 2007

CompUSA Closing

Our big local computer store in Columbia (CompUSA) is closing shop. A few months ago all the CompUSA stores in Maryland were closed except for the one in Columbia. In fact things seemed to have been picking up for the store in Columbia with their assortment of electronic goods including digital cameras, computers, TVs and they're the only non-Apple store in the area that also carries Apple computers. But the company has been sold and their announcement indicates they will close their store operations after the holidays (plan to check out their store-closing sales).

CompUSA is sold and stores will close after the holidays

So who are we left with now? Among the big stores there's Best Buy over at Gateway Overlook Drive. But they don't carry as much computers and parts as CompUSA. And there's also Staples which now also sells Dell computers but they have even less of a selection than Best Buy (although it's a great place to buy printers). And over at Arundel Mills there's Circuit City.

And of course there's always the small stores like ComputerShop over at Owen Brown which carries various computer parts and supplies. There's also Computer Installations over at Clarksville Square which is a good place to order your custom made computer

I've enjoyed going to CompUSA and I hate to see them go but with people buying their computers online (although Dell announced last week they will also start selling their computers at Best Buy) and with falling computer prices, it's a tough business environment. Will we see another big computer store in our area in the future?

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