Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Local Artist shares her craft in her own Blog

Barbara Nuss is an award-winning local artist who is not only talented in the arts, but also quite talented in technology. When I met her a few months ago, little did I know that this unassuming lady is also very tech savvy. She told me that she took a class to learn html, and using notepad she proceeded to build her website ( I helped her move away from notepad and use a web authoring tool, and her website has been transformed into another work of art.

Not only can you see pictures of her painting, you can also purchase some of her pieces like the high-resolution and high-fidelity computer generated fine-art print Giclees of her paintings. Barbara personally mounts the canvas prints onto archival board and apply a water-resistant and U-V protective varnish alleviating the need for glass. These Giclees are the same size as the original paintings and each print comes with a certifcate of authenticity.

Now Barbara has a blog (Artist's Point of View)! Many years ago she wrote a book titled 14 Formulas for Painting Fabulous Landscapes and now Barbara is sharing her technique in her blog. In the next many weeks, Barbara will be working on a new painting and every week she will share the progress of her painting on her blog. She is now on week 4.

Check it out ... it's quite fun to see the progress of her painting every week. Here are the links from the past 4 weeks --- Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.

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