Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What People are Doing Online

Business Week recently published a chart of online behavior broken down by age groups and it's interesting (but not surprising) to see the shape of the graph. No bell curve here. I'd be curious to see how this chart will change in 10 years.

Who Participates and What People Are Doing Online

Another chart shows how much Social Media has grown in the past year --- Social Media now at 12% of Web Traffic --- but it notes very few users create content.

One of the things I notice in some very busy sites is that too much (user generated) content can be distracting. On some discussion boards and/or blogs, the commentors leave a trail of comments that almost look like a discussion on IM. So while some of us are looking for more in depth discussions, some are just merely conversing with their one or two line comments. Sooner or later we'll probably start seeing a happy medium where in depth discussion can co-exist with shorter comments.

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