Thursday, June 28, 2007

News sites learning from Blog sites

The newly redesigned AOL news site now looks like a Blog site.

AOL's News Sites Adopt Look of Blogs

The influence of blogs over news sites has also spilled over into some major news sites like Just look at how they've opened up their platform for user comments. The folks over at are also developing ways for their news site to evolve into a community where bloggers can actively participate.

The thing to remember is most blogs are not meant to be objective because it is after all a personal log/commentary about whatever topic the blogger wishes to address. Some folks get caught off-guard when they see non-factual information being shared in a blog or when the opinions get too one-sided. A busy blog will hopefully generate comments and opinions from all sides of the corner.

For a snapshot of community blogs in our area, check out ezColumbia's blog section.

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