Saturday, June 09, 2007

Art in the workplace

Need to justify spending for artwork?

The biggest software company in the world has 45,000 pieces of contemporary art hanging in its corporate complex (Microsoft's art collection has some hangups).

Why does Microsoft collect art?

A New York gallery owner remarks, "Because they can. And they should. They are involved in culture. Technology is culture. And the art informs the culture."

A Microsoft staff member shares that her aim is to spark creativity and to give workers, who spend so much time in the plastic environment of phones and computers, access to contrasting, tactile objects.

It turns out, by the late 70s, companies started buying art to stimulate employees sequestered in office parks. I was just reading earlier today how kids with ADD improve their focus when they're exposed to the outdoors more. What is art that it can stimulate employees, stimulate our minds and soul? to perform better? to think better? be more creative? think outside the box? remember the world outside instead of just thinking of the world inside the office park?

If you've been thinking about spicing up your home office, now you have some motivation to justify that expense.

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