Monday, May 14, 2007

Amazon buys

Just saw this on the news --- Amazon Acquires

dpreview has been my favorite camera equipment website for a long time. The site always looked and felt authoritative and genuine. Plus they're strictly a reviews site, so you know going in that you're there just to research. And the research is pretty good, enough technical information for the pros and serious amateurs, but also a lot of information that the not too technical can understand.

You might wonder why Amazon would want to buy a reviews site. But if we consider that people who are doing their research on dpreview are thinking of buying camera equipment at some point, making it convenient to buy that equipment on Amazon might be the underlying motive here.

The founder (Phil Askey) is mentioned as saying the acquisition will allow him to devote more time to expand and improve features. The forums section is a bit lacking so hopefully that will be an area that we'll see some improvements on. With an excess of 7 million unique visitors a month, dpreview has a solid following that could only grow if the right features are added.

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