Monday, October 02, 2006

Groovix - the new computer systems in the library

When I was at the library last week (East branch) I noticed on one table there were 6 keyboards/mouse and monitor attached to a single computer. The Howard County library had been using Linux for quite some time now and when I saw that setup I thought it was pretty clever of them to use Linux in that way. Not only is it cost-effective but it's great for maintenance (instead of maintaining 6 computers for 6 users, they just have to maintain 1 computer).

I then thought of where else this kind of setup would be ideal and I thought schools where you usually have a room full of computers and maybe even some offices where people sit not too far from each other. Because the keyboard/mouse and monitor have to connect back to the computer, you can't be too far unless you get special long cables. I even thought about it for homes where you can setup up two terminals (monitor,keyboard/mouse) and the kids can effectively be using just one computer (so no more scheduling conflicts on who gets to use the computer).

The Groovix Linux system is made by a company called Open Sense Solutions. They're saying you can turn one computer into essentially ten computers. Check them out!

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