Friday, September 29, 2006

No, I will not fix your computer

I'm just kidding. But I thought this blog link was amusing.

I've been the goto guy for family and friends for the past 30 years, ever since I got my first Apple II and that was when I was the only guy in class who had a computer. I would help out my Dad with Visicalc and of course invite my friends over to play games. But I'm used to it and just like the token Doctor in the family always gets the medical questions about our cute nephew who caught a bad rash (even if their specialty is obstetrics rather than pediatrics), it's just how the world works. We also have a lawyer in the family who specializes in criminal law, so we ask him about wills and getting things notarized even though he's probably wondering why we think he's an expert on wills. Fortunately most of my family and friends are pretty respectful of my time so if they know I'm really busy, they'll wait until I'm not too busy rather than spend the $$$. Hey, I don't blame them. I'd rather call our token doctor in the family about my lingering headache.

And you gotta love this T-shirt.

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1 comment:

susan and ben said...

ah,please! love the tag line, I actually had a moment of sheer panic! actually....... every time I try to directly connect to the internet from an e-mailed www link, it tries to open acrobat! easy fix, or do I just copy and paste?