Friday, September 29, 2006

10 things that will make or break your website

Check out this article from AUBlog.

Great article, but remember there's still no silver bullet. You can have a very successful website that everyone loves but that doesn't mean you can easily replicate that success on another website. Look at Google and how they have not really been able to replicate their success with Google Video (vs. YouTube). Or Microsoft and their foray into Live Expo (vs. Craigslist) and now Live Spaces (vs. MySpace). And looking back does anyone still remember using Yahoo Auctions (vs. Ebay)? Maybe buying a successful site is the answer for some of these folks like Yahoo buying Flickr and NewCorp buying MySpace. Of course you have to buy them early before they're already too popular (sorry Google, Digg is probably going public on its own).

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